Event Management

Whether you are hosting a large festival or arranging a local charity event, it’s likely that you’ll need all the hands you can get to ensure that things go smoothly on the day. Whether you have security concerns, require advice on event control methods, or are in need of reliable stewards, the team at Onyx Event Management is here to help. We have an extensive selection of event management solutions that are suitable for a wide range of events, no matter the scale.

What is Event Management?

All events, no matter the size, need to be managed to an extent to make sure that they run smoothly on the day and compliantly with local requirements, legislation and industry and best practice. Event management is a service that involves working with a team of experienced professionals who know how to oversee the safe and secure running of numerous events. An event management team will consult with you and deliver professional advice to help you put in place a suitable structure for your event when it comes to practical operation.

There are several services that fall under the bracket of event management, including security, stewarding, consulting, and event control. It’s best to work with an organisation that can manage and provide all of these sub-services in-house, as it ensures that you have a coherent and clearly coordinated team available for your event. You’ll find that, with event management tasks covered by experts, you have more time to make your occasion the best it can be for all attendees.

Why You Need Event Management Services

Without event management solutions, you might run into issues on the day of your event that causes considerable problems. Underestimating how much stewarding is required could lead to a loss of control during your event, while improper event control will make attendance disappointing and potentially unsafe for guests. By taking advantage of event management services, you don’t need to worry about the overall organisation and running of your event on the day that it’s held, giving you peace of mind.

Our Event Management Solutions

At Onyx Event Management, we are proud to have a full range of comprehensive event management solutions available. Our staff work closely with all clients and come up with an effective and practical plan for managing their events. We will be able to advise you on matters such as how much security you need, the best positions for stewarding, and how to implement event control structure to ensure your event has sufficient oversight, incidents are recorded and followed up and reviews completed. All of our solutions are tailored to individual clients, so we can provide effective event management no matter the scale of your occasion.

Rather than complex sub-contracting, all our staff and technologies are provided in-house, making the entire event management process more streamlined. Our experienced team will engage directly with you and set up a clear line of communication to make sure that your needs are always clearly understood. From music festivals to agricultural shows, our team has successfully managed a variety of events locally and nationally. You can depend on our rapid deployment, reporting, and asset management when you contract us for your event.

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